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'Maths Practice' presents

Young Einstein Mathematics

Now providing 5 times more content than previous versions. Packed with new functionality and features but retaining the same simple approach whilst giving teachers the flexibility they require.

Follow your own road to success.
Purchase any or all year levels

Primary School Maths Activities For Years 1 to 6.

A valuable teacher’s aid, keeping students actively practicing maths at any level. ‘Young Einstein Mathematics’ is a complete solution, covering all the curriculum topics clearly and in detail.

Use this software for testing, grading or just background practice.

This ‘back to fundamentals’ approach provides simple to use activities for all levels. The software is locally designed, around the existing outcomes framework, and offers over 330 different activities in the complete edition.

Keep track of students work. Both short and long term trends can be seen, with provision for graphing for further analysis. Easy to accommodate individual preferences, profiles and logging of each student’s work.

The software is broken down into year levels 1-6. Then further divided into space, chance & data, measurement and various numeracy components. Detailed tuition instructions are included that can be modified by teachers, if required. Easy to configure, an extremely flexible teaching and learning aid.


Look at the great features and benefits:
All upgrades are free of charge ensuring that you
always have access to the latest version and features.

All year levels are included in one integrated
application that can be used by any age group.

Students can even use it at home at no extra cost with
full help, theory and audio provided for all activities.

Written specifically for primary school students and
based on the existing 2006 curriculum.

Covers all the main topic areas of chance and data,
space, measurement and large sections on number.

Fully owned, made and supported in Australia.

Local content based on Australian standards.


Licensing CD Win98/Me/00/XP (Windows Only)
School licenses based on unlimited site license installations and the ability
for the software to be used by students at home at no extra cost for 3 years.
Software on CD is included with all licenses.
Demonstration versions available on request from Maths Practice P/L or by download from
Discounts available for smaller schools
Complete Y1-Y6
Set 1 Y1 & Y2
Set 2 Y3 & Y4
Set 3 Y5 & Y6
Individual Years
Pre Keyed Media


each $195.00
Each $10.00
(min Qty 20)



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